All Golden Lake Brine Shrimp Eggs come include a special hatching powder which should be added to the water in addition to salt.  This powder acts as a PH buffer and will promote optimal hatching conditions 

Golden Lake Brine Shrimp Eggs are naturally cultured and come with no added chemicals.  These eggs are sourced directly from the aquaculture feed manufacturers in the Golden Lake region of Shandong China.  These eggs are used in the aquaculture industry and are produced as livestock feed with food grade standards.  


Golden Lake Brine Shrimp Eggs are cultured from GSL Artemia SP. Stock. Naturally found in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, innovative aquaculture feed manufacturers in Shandong have used sustainable technologies to produce high quality, livestock feed grade, Artemia in abundant quantities, turning Shandong into a global hub for aquaculture. 


When We import Artemia stock we ensure the most recent harvest dates from manufacturers.  Our packaging and inventory management processes ensures that the eggs you buy are Fresh.  We ensure that our eggs available for sale are within 3 months of actual harvesting.  This is what sets Golden Lake Brine Shrimp eggs apart from the competition.


Whether your'e doing classroom experiments, feeding your fish, or just having fun hatching brine shrimp, our goal is to know we've provided the best eggs available on the market.

What Makes the Difference


90% Hatch Rate
Hatch Powder
Always Fresh

We Guarantee Satisfactory hatch rates within 1 year of purchase.  Please contact us through the contact page and let us know if you are satisfied.  If not we will promptly send you replacement eggs.

We Take care in understanding how to properly store and transport our Brine Shrimp Eggs.  Factors like batch age and storage temperature may greatly affect hatch rates, something competitors miss.